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This page includes some example audio produced using the Waveguide Web algorithm, presented in support of the paper ‘Modelling Sparsely Reflecting Outdoor Acoustic Scenes using the Waveguide Web’. Included here are the following examples as mentioned in the paper: (1) Scattering Delay Network and Waveguide Web simulations of a 9x7x4 m shoebox room; (2) Treeverb and Waveguide Web simulations of a forest environment formed of 25 trees; (3) An IR recorded in an urban courtyard and two Waveguide Web simulations of the same environment, one of which was generated with the inclusion of a totally absorptive `sky-node’. Also included below is a link to a zipped folder on Google Drive containing the MATLAB implementation of the WGW. The .m file that generates the IR is ‘generateWGWIR_Forest.m’ and it is currently set up to generate the Alcuin courtyard simulation with the presence of an airnode.

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Francis Stevens

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Computer Model

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