Alcuin College, University of York


Impulse responses recorded in a semi enclosed courtyard in Alcuin College on the University of York campus. The courtyard is formed of six buildings, with a 2.4m high wall connecting the buildings. Receivers S1R1, S1R2, and S1R3 sit at different distances forming an axis from source position S1. This axis was chosen as it is roughly parallel to the faces of the buildings to the north and south of the courtyard. Receivers S2R1, S2R2, and S2R3 form an axis from source S2 in order to approximate the diagonal span of the courtyard (limited by line of sight due to minor obstacles in the courtyard). These sets of receiver positions were chosen to compare the acoustic properties of a direct sound path orthogonal to the surrounding geometry with those of sound path at an oblique angle. S3R1 is positioned out of the line of sight of source S3, with acoustic coupling provided by the glass frontage of the north eastern building. Position S4 was inside a ground floor room adjacent to position S3. For positions S1R1 – S3R1 three impulse responses have been made; one with a single directional sound source (indicated by ‘front’ in the filename), one using a starter pistol (indicated by ‘spist’, and the other with an array of four directional sound sources pointing in different directions in an attempt to better approximate an omni-directional source. For positions S4R1-S4R2 only a single speakerorientation has been used due to the loudspeaker being inside a room. In each case the soundfield microphone is pointed directly at the loudspeaker.

Measurement Team: 

Francis Stevens
Simon Shelley

Capture Date: 

Fri, 16/08/2013


21000 m³

Source Sound: 

Swept Sine; 22 Hz – 22 kHz ; 60 seconds

Source Sound Category: 

Swept sine (logarithmic)


Genelec S30D louspeaker, Starter Pistol


Sound Field ST450 B-format microphone

Space Category: 

Open Air

Generation Type: 

Real World

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