Virtual Membranes


This is a small collection of impulse responses generated using a computer simulation of stretched 2-D membranes, such as a drum skin. There are three different membrane shapes: Shape A, Shape B and Shape C. Shape A is a circular membrane and Shape B is a circular membrane with a section removed resulting in a Pacman character shape. Finally Shape C is in the shape of a nuclear weapon symbol. Shapes B and C are interesting examples because they are computer models of membranes with shapes that would be extremely difficult to realise in the real world. Images of the membranes can be seen in the Photographs and Diagrams section. The membranes were modelled using the FDTD method, using sampling rate 192 kHZ.

Measurement Team: 

Simon Shelley

Capture Date: 

Mon, 27/03/2006


1 m³

Source Sound: 

low-pass filtered impulse

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Space Category: 


Generation Type: 

Computer Model

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Audiolab, University of York
Simon Shelley

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