St. Patrick’s Church, Patrington – Model


St Patrick’s Church in Patrington dates back to the medieval era and expresses the decorated design of English Gothic Churches of the early 14th century. It has a cruciform plan, with an external length of about 46 meters, a breadth of 27 meters and a height of 57.5 meters up to the very top of the central tower. The impulse responses were generated using a ray-tracing model. 3 sets of measurements were recorded for 3 different source-reciever configurations (S1-R1, S2-R2 and S3-R3). The positions of these sources and receivers are described in the attached diagram.

Measurement Team: 

Aglaia Foteinou
Damian T. Murphy

Capture Date: 

Sun, 09/10/2011


8078 m³

Space Category: 


Generation Type: 

Computer Model

Attribute this work to:
Audiolab, University of York
Dr. Damian T. Murphy
Aglaia Foteinou

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