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The Shrine and Parish church of All saints is located in the North street, near the Ouse river, dates back to the medieval era. This church expresses the decorated design of Anglican church style including 3 aisles with high roofs each. The internal length is 28.4 meters and has a breadth of 14.0 meters. The interior singing section is close to the wooden altar which is made of panels of 17th-century carving wood and is the most interesting structure which forms a characteristic soundfield.

Measurement Team: 

Gerardo de J. Cabrera Morán
Shuang Feng
Li Yin

Capture Date: 

Thu, 11/02/2016


2398.8 m³

Source Sound: 

15 sec. swept sine (20-22KHz)

Source Sound Category: 

Swept sine (logarithmic)


Speaker Genelec 8030


Soundfield SPS422B Microphone

Space Category: 


Generation Type: 

Real World

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Waveform Example

The impulse responses were generated using the Matlab software. A set of measurements including a sound source position were recorded for 6 different source receivers(R1-R6). The positions of these sources and receivers are described in the attached diagram.

Audio Examples

Anechoic voice

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