Ron Cooke Hub, University of York


This stereo impulse response was recorded in the Ron Cooke Hub on the East Campus of the University of York. The process for the recordings of these Impulse Responses involved using a logarithmic sine sweep from 20Hz – 20kHz that was a minute long. The audio was played through a GenelecS30D and recorded through a FireFace800. The sample rate used was 96000. An omnidirectional source was not available. TO simulate an omnidirectional source, sine sweeps were recorded at 0,90,180 and 270 Degrees for each source position. These were then deconvolved,combined and normalized with respect to the loudest response. Three source positions and ten receiver positions were recorded for the space. The overall dimensions of the space are approximately 47.6m x 36m x 12m with a large reception area (Refer to floor plan attached). The floor plan also details source and receiver positions. First (S1) and Second (S2) Source Positions considered the three Receiver Positions at ground level (R1,R2,R3) which the Third Source (S3) also considering the receiver position on the first floor balcony (R4). The impulse response source-receiver combinations provided are: (S1,R1);(S1,R2);(S1,R3);(S2,R1);(S2,R2);(S2,R3);(S3,R1);(S3,R2);(S3,R3);(S3,R4).

Measurement Team: 

Elias Baxter
Dy’Anna Augustus-Hinkle
Julian Cefai
David Szalai

Capture Date: 

Mon, 05/03/2018


18000 m³

Source Sound: 

Logarithmic Swept Sine; 20Hz- 20kHz; 60s in length

Source Sound Category: 

Swept sine (logarithmic)


Genelec S30D


Soundfield ST350 Microphone

Space Category: 


Generation Type: 

Real World

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