Jack Lyons Concert Hall (University of York)


4 B-Format Room Impulse Responses recorded in the Jack Lyons Concert Hall at the University of York. The concert hall is hexagonally shaped with a seating capacity of up to 350 people. It regularly used for musical performance hosting a variety of performances from students and professionals alike. Each impulse has been measured at a different position in the room (conductor & the middle of each seating block). Each impulse consists of 4 speaker directions (front,back,left,right) that have been combined and normalised to simulate an omnidirectional source from the source position.

Measurement Team: 

Alexander Duffell
Zhong Li
Aishwarya Sridhar

Capture Date: 

Mon, 27/03/2017

Source Sound: 

Logarithmic Sine Sweep; 20Hz – 22kHz, 50 seconds @ 96kHz Sampling rate

Source Sound Category: 

Swept sine (logarithmic)


Genelec 8130a (5″ Woofer)


Soundfield ST450

Space Category: 

Concert Hall

Generation Type: 

Computer Model

Attribute this work to:

Audiolab, University of York
Alex Duffell
Aishwarya Sridhar
Zhong Li



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