Central Hall, University of York


These Impulse Responses were recorded in the Central Hall venue of the University of York. The space is primarily used for lectures and conferences; to emulate this scenario; a sound source was placed centered on the stage of the venue while six different microphone positions were chosen to sample the acoustics of the space. As can be seen in the images, the microphone placements were chosen by dividing Central Hall into four audience areas: the stalls on the floor in the centre of the space (Stalls), the central block of seating (positions 3C, 3L), the block to the left of the stage (positions 3C, 3L), and a single position just above the entrance to the Hall and below stairs (diagonal block of seating (2L)). Position 2L was chosen at a non-chair position, because of potential interesting filtering effects of the stairs above the receiver as well as due to the lack of chairs below it. The rear of the stage had a projection screen lowered that was 1.4 m from the source, as would have been the case during the simulated scenario. The microphone in the central region (Stalls) was placed in front of the speaker, 5.1 m from the source. All microphone positions were 1.2 m above the floor at seat positions while the source was positioned at 1.5 m above stage level (both in compliance with ISO 3382-1:2009). The soundfield microphone orientation was always chosen to be orthogonal to the line of seats, facing the centre of the space.

Measurement Team: 

Alexander Vilkaitis
Ilias Antonopoulos
Joska De Langen
Xaun Liu

Capture Date: 

Sat, 07/02/2015


8000 m³

Source Sound: 

Swept Sine, 20Hz – 20kHz; 15 Seconds

Source Sound Category: 

Swept sine (logarithmic)





Space Category: 


Generation Type: 

Real World

Attribute this work to: 

Alexander Vilkaitis
Ilias Antonopoulos
Joska De Langen
Xuan Liu

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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